Jacaranda payment portal


This portal is now OPEN, to purchase 2019 student resources.

Address:HUMPHREYS WAY, ROWVILLE, Victoria, 3178

Message from your school

The Portal for Rowville Secondary College is now OPEN.

In order to make a purchase, you will need a valid credit card or pre-paid debit card and:

- Name of school

- Your child's school-provided email address

- Your child’s year level in 2019

Once you complete your purchase, your child will have full access to their resources for 2019 on the first day of term 1. For access, go to www.jacplus.com.au and log in using your child’s school-provided email address and password as designated by the school. If you are new to the school and don’t know your child’s school-provided email address and password, please contact the school directly and request to speak to the key contact administrating the Jacaranda Digital Bundle at the school.

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